Baking School

Baking School

For every type of baker.

We have resumed in-person classes! Our Washington state classroom is open, and we'll be welcoming students to our Vermont classrooms beginning June 21. We also offer Live Online baking classes, so we can continue to bake together in the comfort of your home kitchen!  For more information see our Online Class FAQ.

Welcoming all bakers, no matter your skill level.

Classes range from introductory demonstrations for beginners to intensive week-long professional courses, with a wide variety of hands-on classes for adults and children. Our expert instructors will teach you to master any baking technique with ease.

Virtual Classes

Our instructors join you in your own kitchen in our small, interactive classes.

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Norwich, Vermont

Our original location—connected to the school is our bakery and retail store for all your baking essentials.

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Skagit Valley, Washington

King Arthur Baking School at The Bread Lab.

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Interested in learning to make baguettes? Looking for inspiration with new flavors in your baked goods, or curious about how to make chocolate desserts at home? See all of our classes and find the perfect fit for you.

World class instructors

Our instructors are the best around: Talented and exceptionally passionate about the craft of baking, they're skilled in educating others and excited to pass along their tips, recipes, and enthusiasm to you.

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Our office hours vary, so please leave us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What to expect

Can I bring a camera? Need to cancel? Learn about start times, refund policies, and other detailed information about your visit in our Policies and Terms.

Private Classes

We offer a wide range of private classes, on virtually any baking topic. Contact us to schedule a private class for your group.